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Compounded Products


JIT Shipping

Pier One Polymers is competitive in quality, cost, and delivery. Our customers can expect standard and predictable manufacturing systems, continuous improvement in cost and quality, and 100% on time delivery! We understand when to change, what to change, and how to change. Pier One Polymers has been supplying customers in 25 states and Canada since 1999!

Made in USA

Maxamid® is produced in Michigan, USA utilizing a US manufacturers base resin. Pier One Polymers strives to utilize USA manufactured additives, reinforcements, and stabilizers in it’s products. We strongly believe that this helps the US economy by keeping as many dollars at home as possible. Pier One is striving to become globally positioned to export Maxamid products worldwide.


The Pier One Polymers engineering team, working application engineers, has the most modern design tools available. This dedicated team of specialists, with better than a century of combined experience in materials use and product design, assists you on the front lines to help you address your product problem head-on. Check out some of our products available today.

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