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Compounded Products


Some of Our Products


Pier One Polymers is an ideal partner for any sized application because we are big enough to support large volume programs but small enough to treat the smaller applications with the same passion. We package material in 55 lb bags, 1,500 lb boxes and all the way up to bulk trucks. We feel that we are not just a vendor to our customers, but really a partner with them. If you give us the opportunity, we will provide the type of quality, support, and service that you deserve from a vendor who is partnering with you to ensure your success.

We build and maintain inventory per our customer needs to ensure material is always available for their ongoing needs. Once we launch a program for a customer, we make sure to stock beyond their needs to deal with any unforeseen requirements that may come up. With an average of 2,000,000 lbs of inventory on hand at all times, we not only stock for customers’ current needs, but likely have the material you are looking for before you know you need it.

Shipping and Receiving

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